How to Earn Money Online With Google (7 ways)

Nowadays, everyone wants to earn money online, sitting in front of their desktop & work only when they want. People want to work from home or while they travel the world or while enjoying the sunrise on a beautiful beach!

Sounds like your perfect childhood dream, right? 

But what if I tell you that it is possible? And you can too achieve that?

Yes! You too can live your life working from beaches & enjoying your life while earning money online with google!

But how? Well, as the humans & internet has evolved, so does the opportunities! There are many opportunities to make money online today...

Today, I am going to share how you can earn money online with Google working from home -

How to Earn Money Online with Google?

Before we start, here are a few basic requirements to start earning money online - 

  • Desktop/Laptop 
  • Internet Connection
  • Basic Computer Knowledge 

Along these three, you must have a thirst to learn & grow fast!! Because in the world of internet, things change rapidly and only the fittest survive till the end!

After saying that, let’s begin:

Best Ways to Make Money with Google -

1. Google Adsense



Google Adsense is one of the best yet easiest ways to earn money online!

Requirements - A Website with some Content & Traffic

How it works? 

The idea is simple: You need to have a website which attracts people every month to it

Google will then show advertisements (ads) to the people visiting your website & share the 68% of total revenue made by your website!

Follow these steps to start earning money from Adsense - 

  1. Create a Blog 
  2. Publish unique content regularly 
  3. Apply for Google Adsense
  4. If approved, place ads on your blog
  5. Happy Earning!

The hardest part is to get adsense approval. Once, you get approved for the Google Adsense program, you can start showing advertisements to the free traffic visiting your website & earn some money from it! 

Minimum Payout - $100

If you don’t know how to build a website, you can start with Blogger or WordPress.com (Free & super easy even for beginners)

Earning Method #1 - Google Adsense (Apply link)

2. YouTube


Do you know? 

After Google, YouTube is the second most visited website in the world with a whopping 2 Billion active users across the globe!!

I am sure you might also use YouTube everyday! But have you ever thought that you can earn money from YouTube too? Now, you can…

In fact, YouTube will not only help you to make money online but will make you an internet celebrity! You’ll meet your fans everywhere you go.

Requirements - A Youtube Channel with 1000+ subscribers & 4000 hours watch time.

Follow the below steps to make money from YouTube -

  1. Start a YouTube Channel
  2. Pickup your phone & shoot interesting videos
  3. Upload videos regularly & share them 
  4. Enable Monetization (YouTube Partner Program)
  5. Happy Earning!

That’s it! 

You can make and upload any type of video - education, technology, entertainment or anything else… But

Research properly before you start. You can make videos on your passion & share your gift with the world while earning money from it! 

Earning Method #2 - Youtube

3. AdMob


Admob by Google is a mobile-app advertising company! 

Requirements - App Development & Designing Skills

Similar as Adsense provides advertisements for websites, Admob provides advertisements to app developers to monetize their app!

The best part?

Competition in the app market is comparatively lower & ads pay more for the same amount of traffic as compared to websites as apps are more engaging & addictive!!

Here’s how you can start earning money from Admob - 

  1. Built an app
  2. Make a Google Play Console account
  3. Upload your app & fill questionnaires
  4. Apply for Admob
  5. Happy Earning!

That’s it!

I know it’s not easy to build an app & attract users, but if you can, it pays very well! 

Google also provides an Ads SDK which will help you to gain insights about your users & increase your revenue accordingly!!

Earning Method #3 - Google Admob

Other Online Earning Ways -

4. Google Pay

Google Pay is one of the India’s most secured payment app! 

Thousands of people use Google Pay to send money to their friends, family, pay electricity bills & more… directly from their bank account with a single click!

Requirements - An active Bank Account 

NOW, you might be wondering - how to earn money with google pay?

Well, Google Pay allows you to refer/invite your friends to Google Pay & if they do, Google pays you 51 INR or more up to 201 INR.

Also, you can save money by paying your bills through Google Pay & also win amazing scratch cards which can win you up to 1 Lakh rupees directly in your bank account!!  

Earning Method #4 - Google Pay

5. G-Suite Referral Program

You might not have heard of G-Suite before…

G-Suite is the perfect suite for professionals & businesses! From Google Drive, Docs & Calendar to professional email hosting from Gmail, it’s a perfect package!

Today, thousands of professionals, businesses & professionals use G-Suite today to do and manage their work effectively & efficiently maintaining their productivity!

The best part?

Google has started a referral program for the G-suite lovers! For each subscription, you can earn $7.5 for every user (1 person) & it can go up to $750 for every business that signs up!!

You can directly join the referral program by signing up on their website directly! 

Apply here - G-Suite Referral Program 

Also, they have an affiliate program which you can join on Commission Junction (CJ)

6. Google User Research

Google is a huge tech giant company with over $100 Billion in annual revenue!

But… How did Google become so big?

Well, yes they have a great search engine, YouTube & does an amazing job with their branding and advertising but the secret weapon to Google’s growth is -

They hear what their consumer/customers have to say. They continually ask for user feedback, send surveys, polls & even they have a research van sent to personally meet their users to get honest feedback!

The best part?

You can too participate in these surveys to shape the future of Google while getting paid a handsome amount of money for your precious time & honest feedback!

They will tell you the reward before you decide to participate! You can withdraw your money by different gift cards or you can donate it to your favorite charity…

Join now - Google User Research 

7. Google Opinion Reward

This is yet another amazing way to earn money with google!

Google Opinion Reward is a survey app. In this app, you will be asked to fill out surveys based on your interests…

On completing, you will earn a Google Play credit which you can use to buy anything from Google Play Store or you can redeem via PayPal credit.

Either way, it’s good & easy money!

Fill out Google Surveys - Google Opinion Reward

Conclusion -

That’s 7 best ways to earn money online with Google!! 

You can start blogging or maybe a YouTube channel or go all in by building and launching an app! Either way, always remember that nobody gets rich in a night! 

To earn money online while working from home, you need to be patient but thirsty and plan everything & execute it accordingly!

With the above mentioned 7 ways, you can start making money online in no time…

See you on the Top!

Don’t forget to share your favorite way to earn money online with google in the comments.

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