How to write Breathtaking Blog Posts: The PEN Framework

Do you suck at writing blog posts?

I do. When I started TheVisionFamily, my writing was a big sucker! So much so, that my mom hated it as well.

So, I got frustrated & googled - how to write a blog post?

I researched it all. But ALL I found was shitty advice & repetitive tips that don't work in 2019 anymore.

So, what works in 2019?

The PEN Framework

Regardless of how amazing or horrible of a writer you are, the PEN framework is determined to help you write eye-popping blog posts in 2019.

Let's dive right in.

How to write a blog post?

Let's face it, Blogosphere is crowded - there are over a billion blogs today!

How on Earth will you stand out when more than 2 million blog posts are published daily

Here comes -

The PEN Framework : Influence by Content!!

- By Varun Gera           

Here's the deal:

The PEN Framework will give you the superpowers to make any blog post go viral!

In fact, you'll become unstoppable!!

What is PEN Framework?

The PEN Framework is a practice cum process developed to create viral/evergreen blog posts from scratch!!

Note: The practitioners of PEN framework will not be able to produce ordinary content onwards! Proceed at your own risk...

The PEN Framework is divided into 3 parts:

P - Discover a big problem 

E - Trigger emotions by agitating the problem 

N - Solve their problem by storytelling

P + E + N = PEN

Now, let's see the PEN framework in action -


Problem Solving

If your blog post isn't solving a problem, then there's something wrong.

The bigger the problem you solve the bigger will be the chances of it going viral.

Here's how you can find non-negotiable problems -

1. Define your target audience (2 minutes) -

Slip into Their Shoes!

Before writing even a single word - Define & understand your audience.

Here's what I personally do -

Tactic #1: Before writing another blog, close your eyes for a minute & perceive the world with the vision of your audience.

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This will allow you to write in the language they understand & boost your credibility!!

The bottom line?

Create buyer personas & leverage AIDA for mind-mapping -

AIDA Model

Take it from Kulwant Nagi -

Kulwant Nagi

Write for only one person: your ideal customer!

While writing, keep in mind your customers' age group, their sex, their likings, dislikings, geo, needs, and fears...

- By bloggingcage.com

After understanding your audience, it's time for the strategy -


2. Choose your topic & approach (7 minutes) -

I. Answer The Public -

Head over to answerthepublic.com & type in your industry popular keywords.

For example - I have entered 'blog post'

Answer the Public


You can see almost every question your readers ask Google, i.e. their problems related to your industry...

Here's what I finalized -

  • how write blog post
  • how to create blog post
  • how make blog post

Now, Understanding + combining the above three, I got -

Parent Topic - how to write a blog post?

That's what people want to learn/know in the first space! 

I personally prefer the 'how' category but you can listen to your gut feeling & select the best 2-3 questions accordingly.

II. Validate your Topic -

Next step is to validate the worth of the topic we chose above:

Use Google keyword planner or KW Finder to make sure people are searching for it -

Google Keyword planner
As you can see, people search for "how to write a blog post" 4.4k times a month in India alone!

Also, "how to write a blog" is with the same intent & seems promising for SEO efforts!

Congratulations, Validation completed!

Note: If you're a beginner, choose a long-tail keyword with low competition & monthly searches b/w 100-10k max.

The Bottom line?

Finalize a topic which people love not what you want. Also,

Santanu Debnath

Leverage AnswerThePublic to solve the pain points of your readers & make their life easier!

- By bloggingjoy.com

3. Research (30 minutes) -

No, I'm not talking about keyword research,

Research is to see what everybody else has seen and think what Nobody Has Thought...

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Understand the anatomy of virality -

Time for a nitty-gritty secret...

I. Buzzsumo -

Go to Buzzsumo.com & enter the topic (how to write a blog post) you finalized above -



You can see what's already gone viral - the treasure!

Now, Choose 3 winners and open them in new tabs, then


II. Search it on Google -

Search your keywords on google -

google search screenshot

Now, that's the cornerstone content!

They have passed the SEO test of Google with flying colors: open the top 5 results in new tabs & now -

III. It's magic time!

Viral Content + Cornerstone Content = Evergreen Content

The recipe of evergreen content is to boil cornerstone content & add the salts of virality!

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Here's, how it works -

For a second, Become a reader & read/skim all the blog posts we opened above. You'll find that -

Cornerstone content from Google makes you feel more confident & expert in your topic. 

On the other hand,

Viral content presents a unique and creative approach of the same topic & help you remember the information by storytelling in a visual format!!

Ideally, your blog post should mix both ingredients in proper amounts to impress as well as educate readers!

Note: Don't forget to collect relevant data & figures to embed in your blog post!



According to Microsoft, people now have a shorter attention span than goldfish with 9 seconds...

So, what should you do to stop people from leaving your blog post?

Trigger their emotions

Here's how to do it -

4. Craft a magnetic Headline (11 minutes) -

The fun fact?

8 out of 10 people will read your headline but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest!

So, what should you do?


Place a hook in your 'headline' to entice readers & Leverage FOMO - Fear of Missing Out for hunting the prey!! 

Grab the attention of your readers by an irresistible offer in your headline which they can't afford to miss!

→ You can Promise to help your audience achieve their goals or leverage Curiosity Gap like Upworthy -

upworthy titles
Upworthy is one of the world's fastest growing media companies who counted 88 million visitors in their first year - 2013, leveraging curiosity gap!!

Can you feel the heat, now?

Yeah, it's hot!

Listen what Istiak has for you -

Istiak Rayhan

Every time you write a post, come up with at least 3 headlines. Then choose the most appealing one when you are about to publish the post.

- By roadtoblogging.com

Bonus Tip - Before proceeding further, make a basic outline of your blog post! Leverage subheadings throughout your blog post to impress readers cum skimmers!! 

5. Write an irresistible introduction (15 minutes) -

For cinema lovers -

The introduction is the trailer of your blockbuster movie (blog post) & people don't buy a movie whose trailer sucks!!

So, how do you create a stunning trailer?

SPO Formula: Story - Problem - Outcome

In fact, you're here because I implemented SPO formula in the introduction of this blog post -

blog post introduction

Story - Give your readers the first dose of emotions by telling a story!

Problem - Talk about the problem you'll solve

Outcome - Don't tell everything you will cover (solution) instead make them more curious about it!

The bottom line?

Leave them begging/craving for your content.



A blog post should be narrative i.e. tell a story!

Humans are born storytellers: the need for stories is rooted deep inside our brains.

As long as humans have existed, we have been hardwired to satisfy one urge. (No, it’s not what you think.) I’m talking about storytelling.

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So, if you can tell a story that hooks people, drives them through an emotional roller coaster, you'll do extremely well!!

Let's get back to basics for a second...

Why blog & What is a blog?

The first Weblog or Blog Links.net was started by Justin Hall in early 1994 to share his thoughts & stories publicly!

Since then, blogs are used for different objectives by different people but the purpose remains the same: to tell stories!!

Storytelling & Blogging: The inevitable marriage!!!

So, if you are not telling a story, then you are not blogging!

Here's how to tell a story that hooks people to listen:

6. Write: Unleash the Storyteller (3-6 hours) -

The stage is all set, the audience is getting crazy...

It's show time!

Write the body -

Warning - You can't afford to ruin your audience mood now - Maintain the rhythm & emotions of your headline, introduction & give them what they want!! 

Write the body with just one purpose in mind - to get the next sentence read!

And then, the sentence after that & so on, all the way down to do what you want: Call to Action

I. Pick one topic/subhead to start with -

Choose the most comfortable topic first & then present your unique perspective on the same!

Be creative & write like an expert cum friend!!

II. Empower the backbone -

Boost the credibility of your blog post by embedding relevant facts & figures!

People don't read ordinary stuff...

So, you should make bold claims and use the data & research (collected in the 2nd step) to back up your points & link to the trusted sources for reference.

III. Connect the dots -

Make your blog post sound like a story by using content currency.

7. Kiss with Content Currency (33 minutes) -

Keep it sweet and simple (KISS) with Content Currency

Content Currency is used to gain the trust of readers by trigerring their emotions using images, videos, GIF's & other visuals in your blog post!

Here's the deal:

Content Currency bribes the readers to stick to your blog by storytelling!!

And humans always remember good stories & storytellers like -

Remember this?

Google Reunion - The heart-touching story & cinematography was a remarkable breakthrough in brand films!

With a whopping 14M+ views on YouTube alone, it went viral & many people (like me) still carry this story along - unforgettable!!

The Bottom line?

Tell me the facts and I’ll learn. Tell me the truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever!!

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Not convinced yet?

Don't worry, take it from WPBlogging360 thinker in chief -

Manidipa Bhaumik

Mesmerize your readers by storytelling!

Embed relevant visuals, stats & powerful quotes from trusted sources in your blog post & serve it as a compelling story!!

- By wpblogging360.com

The bottom line?

The readers are corrupt! Bribe them with content currency!!

Wait... Here's a bonus tip for you -

Bonus #1: Psychology of Fonts -

Every font inherits a unique personality & purpose!

In fact, the human mind perceives the font subconsciously before anything -

perception of fonts
psychology of fonts

So, choose your font wisely.

That's it!

The mighty PEN framework has come to a close... you now know - how to write a blog post!!

Conclusion - 

Are you tired of writing blog posts that no one reads? I've been there too...

But The PEN Framework has changed things for me & it can do the same for you too provided that you use it properly!

The bottom line?

To write like Hemingway you need a pen - The PEN Framework!

Share your thoughts in the comments: Will you use The PEN Framework to write your future blog posts or pencil is more economical to you?

19 thoughts on “How to write Breathtaking Blog Posts: The PEN Framework”

  1. Hey Varun,

    I found The PEN Framework to be the perfect technique to write a viral blog post!

    Every content should start with understanding the pain point of the readers and then offering the right solution in an interesting way yet emotionally connected way.

    Just love the content flow and how you’ve structured it with the right visuals. Great efforts indeed.

    Thank you for adding my two cents!

    Take care and have a great weekend 🙂

  2. Now, this is what I was looking for!

    Honestly, I’ve read many articles on ‘how to write a blog post’ but this one has really solved the problem. Thank you for sharing the immortal ‘PEN framework’

    Keep writing!

  3. Hey Varun!

    First of all, I want to say a big thank you to feature me on this awesome creation, “PEN Framework”. I am honored to be a part of something new & innovative.

    Initially, when you told me about this topic, I thought it is going to be another similar article on this topic, with a different voice. But to my surprise, you did a fantastic job.

    Creating something unique & different on this competitive niche is not everyone’s cup of tea. But you nailed it, my dear. I am feeling great to read this awesome piece of information.

    I am sure “PEN Framework” is going to be viral soon and you will get the true reward for your hard work. Keep up the same aggression with your writing & attitude.

    All the best for your future endeavors 🙂

  4. Varun

    ‘The PEN framework’ resonates with my soul so much louder. I believe the Emotion sets the tone to appeal at the psychological level.

    This separates researchers from bloggers. Researchers spend time gathering data mostly from a theoretical level in which case only scholars can relate. However emotional bloggers are always relevant to whoever because they appeal to emotions of man regardless of the academic scope. These emotions make one to be interested in the blog even beyond these written words.

    I love that Master Gera. Keep up the great work!

  5. I personally found The PEN framework to be a very innovative concept! Loved your efforts 😍 It will help every blogger to write better!

  6. Great work, Varun!

    This was an interesting guide to follow and write killer blog posts. I would love to write a storytelling article with The PEN Framework like yours 🙂

    Kudos for The PEN Framework!!

  7. Great elaboration Varun! This PEN concept really works for bloggers to write content on their daily purpose!

    Thanks for sharing wonderful tips!

    • Hey Varun!

      The great framework you provide with us… #PENFramework is immortal!!

      I will surely implement your awesome PEN framework on my upcoming website.

      Thanks 😉

    • Really great work, Varun!
      Loved the way u organized the content. It was really very informative for a beginner like me!
      Keep grinding 👍

  8. Beside all the awesome ideas presented, I connected well with the bonus #psychology of font. I tried and tested hundreds of fonts but didn’t find one that I like. Finally, I got one and now the things are sorted. BTW amazing post.


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