Online Marketing : The Billion Dollar Opportunity of 2020

Online marketing is the biggest revolution in the marketing domain ever! 

Do you know? 

Globally, we have over 3.4 Billion internet users spending 7+ hours daily on the web!  

The digital era is penetrating the globe in 2018 like never before!

Online marketing is a $200+ Billion dollar opportunity for techs, creatives & businesses worldwide

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Thanks to the internet, anyone & everyone can become financially independent now through internet/online marketing.

But if you're a newbie, getting started with online marketing is a bit overwhelming.

Here's the deal:

If you stay along, I will show you exactly how you can make millions using the internet from anywhere in the world!

Stay Tuned.

Overview -

Today I will introduce you to the most rewarding & life-changing industry!

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1. What is Online Marketing?

Remember the frustrating ads on youtube & FB,<img draggable=


that’s where online marketing just starts!


Every product & service in the world needs to be marketed to the targeted customers either online or offline.

“When the products & services are marketed online to reach & influence their potential customers to perform a specific action is called online marketing.” 

– Varun Gera

The action here can be anything – a lead or a sale or maybe even a like on FB post.


Online Marketing is the art of marketing products & services to the targeted consumers at the right time & place through the internet to achieve SMART objectives of the brand.

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Everything else is a fluke (by chance/gambling).

The acronym SMART here stands for

S ⇒ Specific

M ⇒ Measurable

A ⇒ Attainable

R ⇒ Relevant

T ⇒ Timely

& brand ⇒ anyone (person or business or organization etc).


Note: Digital marketing & online marketing aren’t the same things.

Although online marketing became popular after 1990, no standard definition has been announced yet. Even the giant Wikipedia decided to keep silent (shocking).

There are 7 major types of online marketing which works best in 2018 & beyond (more on this later).

Now let’s explore the career opportunity provided by the evolution of the internet.

2. A Career in Online Marketing 

Online marketing is the hottest career in India & worldwide!

Over 8 lacs jobs are live on job portals in India alone facing a high shortage of average online marketers.

Thanks to Mr. Mukesh Ambani & Mr. Narendra Modi -

Today India has 463 million people surfing the web over 7+ hours daily & businesses spending 8202 crores for their attention in 2017 alone & which will increase to 19,000 crores by 2020.

Economic Times

The best part?

The online marketing industry has something for everyone:

  • Students : Shine apart from the crowd & boost your career growth!
  • Job Seekers : Crush the competition by adding the most demanding skills on your cv!
  • Entrepreneurs : Increase your revenue by reaching users globally!

As an online marketer, you can:

1. Get your dream job in the 200 billion $ industry!

2. Take your business to a rare air where nobody is there!

3. Start your own million dollar business from scratch!

3. Types of Online Marketing

Like science, online marketing too has many types.

We'll look 6 types of online marketing which are working best in 2018.

  • 1
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • 2
    Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • 3
    Content Marketing
  • 4
    Social Media Marketing
  • 5
    Email Marketing
  • 6
    Affiliate Marketing

Every type promises it's own unique value to marketers & each is worth a multi-billion industry in itself.

Let's understand the above types in detail & the rewarding opportunities associated with them -

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) -

SEO or Search engine optimization is a continuous process to increase the visibility of your content online in the search engine’s organic (free i.e. after ads) results…

You've got to find a way to make people know you're there.

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Search engine optimization has two branches/sectors -

  • 1
    On Page SEO - It focuses on optimizing our website & pages to rank higher.
  • 2
    Off Page SEO - It's all about to gain trust of a search engine by showing authority.

Basically, you have to convince search engine giants like Google & Bing to show your content on the 1st page for specific queries & keywords that people often search for.


Why only on the first page?


The best place to hide a dead body is 2nd page of google search results.

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Everyone wants to rank on the 1st page of Google because of the free quality traffic & higher visibility. 

If you're a beginner to seo, here are 3 seo experts who absolutely crushes Google rankings & will help you do the same -

  • 1 - by Mr. Bria​​​​​n Dean
  • 2 - by Mr. Rand Fishkin
  • 3

So, if you can't pay Google to send you traffic - master SEO by grabbing the 100% free Seo training course from Moz (trusted by 16.5K+ students worldwide!)

2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) -

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is a shortcut to rank on top of 1st page of search engine results by paying money (bribe) to search engines.

So instead of optimizing your content & promoting it to your last breath, SEM provides an easy way to rank on top 3 results of 1st page (as shown below) by paying for each click your site gets!

Google Ads Example

Being on top, chances are that your site will attract a ton of quality traffic i.e. more people = more money!

But if you're totally a beginner without any audience or prior experience, then you can start learning SEM directly from Google or maybe you'll fell in love with the search engine marketing guide by wordstream.

To learn more, follow -

  • 1 by Mr. Larry Kim
  • 2
  • 3


What if there's a community focused to help you succeed in your search engine marketing/paid advertising career?

Join Ads of the world community now to learn how successful ads look like.

Conclusion - SEM is a great strategy to outrank the competition & win more customers rapidly if you're able to regain your advertising costs.

3. Content Marketing -

Can you tell...

What is the job of internet?

Yup, the Internet is here just to serve content when required.

Ahh... content is not just written text.

There are images, videos, infographics & other 15 types of content which can help you to drive more traffic easily & earn more revenue effectively.

Types of content


Acc. to Content Marketing Institute

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

Too hard to remind? Here’s the easy one –

Content Marketing is a goal-oriented process focused on –

  1. Building a relationship with your audience by providing problem-solving content &
  2. benefit mutually.

If you want to succeed online, you have no choice but to leverage content-marketing because -

  1.  Content Marketing is SEO
  2.  ROI of content marketing is massive (an epic content never dies)

Here are 3 top resources to help you write your next evergreen content faster -


If you're a newbie just starting from scratch, you'll love the content marketing certification course from Hubspot (100%free)

4. Social Media Marketing (SMM) -

Do you know...

66% of the world population is suffering from nomophobia (i.e. fear of not being near your mobile phone) & probably you too because Facebook, Youtube, WhatsApp & others.. are so addictive.

Due to this,

Social media has become the fastest growing trend in the history beating the internet!!

Facebook has crossed 2 billion people -

Social Media Marketing stats


Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the practice of promoting a product or service by sharing valuable content on relevant social media platforms & sites.

Social platforms like - Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter etc. will help you to connect with your customers, increase your brand awareness & boost your leads & sales.

The best part?

Every social platform allows you to target the people of your dreams (your best customers) & convert them into your raving fans/customers by paying a small amount of money. It's called Social Media Advertising.

To succeed with social-media-marketing, follow these 3 steps -

  • 1
    Understand the need of every social media platform out there,
  • 2
    Produce the content in a story-telling format in at least 2 forms (images or text or presentation or video) &
  • 3
    Share/Distribute your content acc. to the need of the platforms & promote it harder.

Ex - Facebook wants to beat Youtube, so a video on facebook will do extremely well. Similarly, images work best on Instagram & so on.

Always Remember - Content is King, But Context is God!

Here are 3 social beings of internet to help you make your content go viral -

  • 1
    Gary Vaynerchuk
  • 2
  • 3
    Buffer Blog

If you have no idea where to start with SMM, grab the 25-day email course for 100% free below -

5. Email Marketing -

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing which uses electronic mail for communicating with prospects & customers to convert them into loyal customers/raving fans.

When it comes to ROI in online marketing, email is a life-saver -

Email Marketing ROI

As an online marketer, your biggest asset is your email list. Here's why you should build your e-mail list from today -

1. Email is the #1 evergreen communication channel  -

Email never goes out of fashion. In fact, most people prefer email over WhatsApp & messenger to communicate with businesses/brands they care for.

2. You own your list 100% -

It's hard to digest but Facebook or Twitter can delete/deactivate your account anytime without any notice or permission which may cost you life-long earned fans.

On the other hand, nobody can ever steal your email list, it's 100% yours for life.

3. Emails have the highest ROI -

Emails which are personalized & relevant can bring an average ROI up to 3800%. That's huge! In fact, email is proven to be the 'backbone' behind every successful online business.

Besides this, it's way too cheap!

Again, here are 3 email friends to help you build your list faster -

  • 1
    Optinmonster Blog
  • 2
  • 3
    Campaign Monitor Blog

6. Affiliate Marketing -

This is my favorite as affiliate marketers are the craziest & powerful marketers on the planet! A mediocre affiliate earns over 5 figures a month working 2-3 hours a day (max).

The best part?

You can make money while you sleep!

How Affiliate Marketing works

Wondering... what is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing method to earn a commision by promoting or selling any product or service which you don’t own.

To be simple & precise -

Affiliates = "middle-man" or referrers who earns by filling the communication gap b/w producers & consumers.

The best part?

Affiliate marketing doesn't need any formal education or degree to start(anyone can do it). In fact, from the shopkeeper near your home to Amazon is an affiliate.

Here are 3 affiliates who will help you make money while you sleep -

  • 1 by Mr. Pat Flynn
  • 2 by Mr. Mark Ling
  • 3 by Mr. Harsh Aggrawal

Thanks to leadpages, they are offering a free course on affiliate marketing to our readers - 

Further reading - Affiliate marketing basics by Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju

4. Conclusion -

Online marketing is a very powerful industry which is constantly evolving and changing.

Even Mr. Bill Gates said -

Online Marketing Legend

"If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business"

That's how important & powerful online marketing is! 

To succeed in online marketing, you have to learn the essential skills which align with your natural strengths.

Hope this post helped you to get started. If you have any questions you can contact us anytime!

What's your favorite type of online marketing?

Let me know in comments!

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