Become a Digital Marketer | Learn Digital Marketing in 10 weeks

Digital Marketing Industry is exploding!

Heck, Google is generating over $100 Billion a year just with ads i.e. help businesses market their products/services online (digital marketing)

So, aspiring to become a digital marketer is an obvious yet intelligent choice!

Being a Digital Marketer, you can -

  1. 1
    Land your Dream Job in the $200 Billion industry
  2. 2
    Work from home - Become a freelance digital marketer
  3. 3
    Create/Grow a business & scale it worldwide

Sounds interesting?

Well, here's the deal:

Digital Marketing is a glorious and incredibly rewarding industry for those who hold the right mindset & skills!

Right Mindset → Growth Oriented | Skills → Cutting-edge Tactics & Techniques

What is digital marketing?

Digital Marketing is a practice to market products/services online through digital mediums like mobile phones, display advertising & more... 

The objective is to reach & target potential customers and influence them to buy their product/service instead of their competitors!

Before proceeding further, have a look at these frequently asked questions -

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”Why should I choose digital marketing?” answer-0=”Digital Marketing Industry is on boom right now! It is one of the most challenging yet incredibly rewarding career path you can opt for…” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”Do I have to learn coding to become a digital marketer?” answer-1=”No. You don’t have to learn coding to become a digital marketer. Familiarity with coding is beneficial but not mandatory at all!” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”How much digital marketing jobs pay?” answer-2=”Acc. to PayScale, the average digital marketer has a salary of around ≃ 500k INR (India) or $65k (USA)” count=”3″ html=”true”]

Note: Although the journey of becoming a digital marketing expert is quite fascinating, yet the biggest challenge is to acquire the right knowledge & skills without getting tricked!

Do you know?

Currently, there is a huge scarcity of average & top digital marketers worldwide & it tends to grow even more!!

So, there are many amazing opportunities open for you.

How to Become a Digital Marketing Expert?


A Digital Marketing Expert role is to design, create & deliver digital marketing campaigns to boost the growth of a business effectively & efficiently!

To become a digital marketing expert is a dream of many yet very few people succeed!

To become a successful digital marketer, you need -

  • An Unbiased mind
  • Self-learning skills
  • Good Communication Skills &
  • a strong passion for internet & digital technologies!

* A basic desktop/laptop is beneficial!

NOW, the next step is to acquire digital marketing skills:

Learning digital marketing seems to be a daunting task for many people! However, it is...

Lucky, for you - I have prepared a step-by-step process to help you learn digital marketing fast!

In fact, I have shared my exact journey with you - what I did to learn digital marketing from scratch without spending a dime?

Let's get started!

Week 1. Digital Unlocked - by Google

Digital Unlocked is an initiative by Google to empower small businesses & startups in India to grow better using internet #digitalindia

Kick-start your digital marketing career by learning directly from the Google trainers, The Open University & IAB Europe!!

Here's the deal:

Digital Unlocked is the best platform for beginners to learn what is digital marketing exactly and understand why digital marketing is important for businesses worldwide!

In fact, the interactive videos & quizzes make the learning process easy & much fun...

The best part?

You can earn - The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Certificate from Google

This certificate is recognized worldwide & comes directly from Google and its accredited by IAB Europe & The Open University!

Start learning digital marketing for free -


   26 Modules


Author's Note: 

This course by Google is a basic one though the clarity it provides is priceless! Don't skip anything & submit the final assignment to earn the certificate from Google!

Week 2. Free Digital Marketing Course -

Moving forward, what you need now is to do a digital marketing course to enter the digital game...

Luckily, there are many good digital marketing courses by reputed bloggers and esteemed companies which are 100% free (thanks to the internet)

Recommended Course -


This course is led by Mr. Sorav Jain - CEO of a digital marketing agency, echoVME with over 10+ years of experience in digital marketing!

He has laid out the best learning path for you to follow. Grab his course today! 

Warning - Don't go for any paid digital marketing course without pursuing a free course first!

Week 3. Follow Top Digital Marketing Blogs & YouTube Channels -


Let's face it:

Digital Marketing Industry is ever-changing!

As a digital marketing expert, you need to stay updated about digital marketing related news & trends plus learn what's working for others and experiment it on your marketing efforts!

By following Digital Marketing Blogs & a few YouTube channels you can -

  1. 1
    Always Stay Updated,
  2. 2
    Learn Actionable Tactics & Strategies &
  3. 3
    Ask your questions directly from experts

Recommended Digital Marketing Blogs - Search Engine Journal, Backlinko, Hubspot & Buffer

Recommended YouTube Channels - Neil Patel, GARY VAYNERCHUK, Tryootech & Intellectual Indies

Week 4. Get Connected & Find a Mentor -

To become a successful digital marketer, you should -

Think Digital Marketing, Watch Digital marketing & Speak Digital Marketing

To do the same, you need to get connected in the digital marketing communities and talk to like-minded people & industry experts!

Step 1. Join Top Digital Marketing Communities 

Start with Facebook Groups. Search for 'digital marketing' & join a few groups that resonates with you. 

Here are a few -

Learn Digital MarketingWPBeginner Engage & The Bloggers' Team

Next, you should join sub-reddits, slack groups & forums like - Quora, WarriorForum & more... 

Step 2. Observe Discussions & participate

NOW, start observing discussions & questions asked on the above platforms and start participating in them.

Also, start asking your questions frequently in the communities. It will help you to learn faster & people will start recognizing you (networking) 

Step 3. Connect one-on-one with people & find your mentor

Behind these communities, there are people (real people) Talk to them & connect with them on one-on-one basis although it will take much time but it's totally worth it!!

While doing so, focus on like-minded knowledgeable people who can guide/mentor you in your journey to become a digital marketer! Finally, choose your mentor carefully (it can be 2-3) & let them know.  


Week 5-9. Start a free blog & Practice everything 

Starting a blog & marketing it is the best way to learn digital marketing!

I learned the same way. In fact, the biggest digital marketers like Neil Patel still advice people to start a blog to learn digital marketing - 

By starting a blog, you can practice everything you've learnt so far in digital marketing live & see what works for you!

The best part?

Blogging encourages you to meet with like-minded people in your industry & build your network which ultimately gives you the cutting-edge advantage over your peers!!

Week 10. The Choice -

So far, So good!

Congratulations on coming this far - Cheers!

Now, it's time to make the hard choice every digital marketer have to face at least once in their life -

Digital marketing Internship or Digital Marketing Certification Course?

So, what should you choose?

Well, it's up to you! Both the options are equally good & considerably important to launch your career as a digital marketer.

D.M. Internship

D.M. Course



Average High





Fewer Connections

Huge Alumni Network







Both have some advantages & some pitfalls in compared to the other one. So, choose wisely what you want!

Note: Digital Marketing Courses can be done online from your home if you can't/don't want to travel!

Become a Digital Marketer - Conclusion

Anyone & everyone can learn digital marketing but not everyone can become a true digital marketer!! Why?

Because a true digital marketer understands - it's always about the user!

Always, focus on the benefit of the end user/customer while building/launching digital marketing campaigns & you'll be good to go!!

The best time to become a digital marketer was in 2010 & the second-best time is now!!

Start Learning Today and I will see you at the top! 

Share your learning journey in the comments & any questions you might want to ask?

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